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to mark world theatre day, held on march 27, one hundred young syrians from jordan’s zaatari refugee camp acted in an adapted production of king lear. the play — which tells a story of exile, of a ruler losing touch with reality, and of a land divided by rival groups — was directed by nawar bulbul (third photo), a popular syrian actor who fled his country after appearing in anti government protests.

"i wanted to show that these children are not worthless …that they have something real to contribute." he said. “the show is meant to bring back laughter, joy and humanity” and "help [the children] express themselves." the kids — all under the age of fifteen — were actively involved in the costuming, for example.

many of the children cried when they heard the applause of onlookers at the play’s end. said one child, “i do not feel lonely any more in this place.” their parents described the project as a rare point of light in a bleak camp existence. after the show, they boasted of their children’s talent.

the production, months in the planning, was also meant to help counteract the effects of a war that has caused young syrians to miss vital years of education. about 60,000 of the refugees at the zaatari camp are younger than eighteen, and fewer than a quarter regularly attend school. many fear the war is creating a lost generation of children.

photos are by warrick page for the new york times and jared kohler for unhcr. for more on syria’s refugee crisis, see #withsyria, care international, oxfam syria crisis appeal, human care syria and free syrian voices

(it’s interesting to note that shakespeare actually mentions the city of aleppo in mabeth, which serves as a reminder that syria is one of our oldest centers of civilization.)

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I really hope for those who are praying for south korea are being serious. I really hope you guys aren’t just praying for South Korea because it’s Korea and that’s where your precious oppas are from. I really hope you aren’t praying for South Korea because that’s where Kpop is from. I’m sick of seeing the PrayForSouthKorea tag and just see a bunch of Kpop everywhere to start discussions and mention nothing about the ferrys. It is a sad tragedy, but what about other countries out there that are suffering? What about people from other countries who are starving? Living in war? All these tragedies happen daily, and no one seems to give out prayers to them. So if you’re really praying for South Korea, please be honest, and please be serious, also, think about the world too, and how so many people in this world are suffering and dying too.
 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

Chen: “Back in the dorms, if we call Luhan’s name out of nowhere, Luhan turns around & says, ‘What, you assholes…’” Since Chen and Luhan were both explaining/demonstrating this, they both actually said the word, “assholes,” in front of the fans. Chen was about to go into further details but Xiumin started panicking and told Chen to grab a hold of himself.


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밥 먹으러 왔음요 아미 여러분들도 한끼 하시지요 허허

[JUNGKOOK] We’re here for food Our ARMYs too do have your meals heoheo

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angry hoseok… more like me when Bangtan do a thing